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Sex Machines Guide: How to Clean and Store Sex Toys

Sex Machines Guide: How to Clean and Store Sex Toys

How To Clean And Store Sex Toys

Whether you would like to pleasure yourself or have a more exciting evening with your partner, having sex toys can help. To make sure that your sex toys will last for an extended period, and to be confident that they will always function as intended, it is important to pay careful attention to sex toy storage and cleaning.

Remember, not all toys are created the same. They differ in terms of materials and design, and hence, different care and storage instructions may be apparent. Carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer. The recommendations below, however, will generally apply to most sex toys.


Cleaning Tips for Different Materials

 There is no universal way to clean sex toys as such can vary depending on the specific material. Most of the sex toys in the market are made from silicone. In order to have these sterilized, you can put them in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. If the toy does not have mechanical components, it can be placed in a dishwasher.

On the other hand, to clean sex toys that are made from faux skin or thermal plastic, you should observe extra caution when cleaning because such can easily tear. Use a spray sex toy cleanser to keep it at its best. The good thing about spray cleaners is that they penetrate deep on the pores, allowing the cleaning to be tougher.

Sex toys that are made from rubber can be easily cleaned because you can put a condom on it if it is used. You can use a mild soap or a spray cleaner for such material.

 To clean sex toys that are made from plastic, you can use a rubbing alcohol for disinfecting and finish it off by using a clean cloth for wiping.

 Lastly, for sex toys that are made from jelly, you should also pay special attention to cleaning because the material is porous. Cleaning such can be easy as it can be done just with the use of mild soap and water.


Sex Toy Storage

 It is important to store sex toys properly to make sure that it will not attract dirt and bacteria. One of the first things that you should remember is to always remove the batteries before keeping the toys.

The batteries can leak, which can affect the functionality and longevity of the toy. They should also be properly dried before storage to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Store it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight as the heat can cause the material to melt or deform.

Use a cloth or bag to separate toys from one another. Keep it in a pouch or in a box that is in a safe location.


We, at Sex Machines, hope this guide can help with caring for and storing your sex toys & machines.