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Tips For Better Oral Sex

Tips For Better Oral Sex

Any man who thinks it’s easy to give a blowjob hasn’t had to give one before. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to giving a blowjob, there is a lot that you have to keep in mind. You have a number of techniques to consider. Then you have to keep in mind personal preferences. Then you have a bunch of other variables to keep in mind (are you working towards a climax? Is the oral simply foreplay to get them ready for something else?). 

At the same time, oral sex can be enormously enjoyable and satisfying for everyone involved. If your partner is capable of appreciating just how much work goes into a truly amazing blowjob, then maybe you should surprise them with a few new techniques and ideas.

How To Give The Best Blowjob

If you want to give your partner a blowjob that’s going to light up their central nervous system like a pinball machine, here are a few simple blowjob tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Build up to things: There is something wonderful, almost intoxicating about building to the right level of anticipation. Remember that just about everyone (yes, including men) love foreplay. If you want to give them an amazing BJ, try to build up to the act. Kisses and teases are both great.
  2. Rhythm: Great blowjobs involve a considerable attention to rhythm. Keeping the head and a part of the shaft in your mouth, begin a rhythm that combines your mouth with a hand that works the rest of the shaft. They are definitely going to respond!
  3. Spit is okay: Some like their blowjobs very wet and sloppy. Talk about this with your partner beforehand. This is popular with a lot of people, but some don’t care for it. If they don’t mind a little mess, then keep that in mind.
  4. Communication in general: In a general sense, it’s important to discuss things with your partner. Ask them what they like. If they ask for something specific, correct a behavior, or make a suggestion, don’t take it personally. As long as they aren’t being a jerk about it, they’re going to really appreciate having a partner who responds so intensely to their likes and dislikes. That in of itself can be extremely erotic.
  5. Take breaks: You don’t have to suck the whole time. Give your jaw a break with kisses, stroking, and maybe some casual foreplay.