Kink Industries Chrome Wrist Shackles - MediumLarge AC239-ML,Ankle and Wrist Restraints

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Kink Industries Chrome Wrist Shackles - MediumLarge AC239-ML

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Your slave has but one purpose: to please you. These stunning hinged chrome wrist shackles will ensure that their subservience is as visually gratifying as it is in all other ways. Enjoy the look of these premium, weighty cuffs glittering at their wrists while they perform their submissive duties. A short, hefty chain tethers the shackles together to prevent excessive mobility and enhance your control. A hex key is included for securing or removing the cuffs. Enjoy this piece of bondage jewelry in all of its inescapable beauty.

Measurements: 2.54 inch inner diameter, 7.99 inch inner circumference, chrome bands are 1.6 inches wide and 0.37 inches thick, connecting chain provides 3 inch max distance between cuffs

Material: Chrome plated steel

Color: Chrome

Hinged, Weighty cuffs, Includes he key