Master Series Locking Steel Female Chastity Belt - Medium AD254-Medium,Metal Chastity Devices

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Master Series Locking Steel Female Chastity Belt - Medium AD254-Medium

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An ultra secure locking mechanism defines this unique steel chastity device. Two rubber coated chains run up the back, attaching to a D-ring which is secured to a removable plate on the connecting strap that goes between the legs. The plate is thin and flexible, and can be removed to allow access when needed. Three holes in the front allow for adjustability, and support the locking pin which holds the removable plate in place. The pin is secured by a standard padlock. The front of the device connects to the belt with a unique square locking mechanism. Just unlock the mechanism from the side, remove the locking pin, and the square locking mechanism lifts free, allowing the belt to open. Multiple points of adjustment line the front, as well as the back and sides for the widest range of adjustability available. The D-rings in the back supporting the rubber-coated chains can be repositioned for the most secure fit. Rubber coats the inside of the belt as well as the connecting straps for comfort.

Measurements: Fits waists between 32 and 35 inches

Material: Steel, rubber

Color: Silver

Lined with rubber for comfort, Snug fit, Adjustable