Strict Leather 3 Foot Snakewhip 12 Plait - Black AD267-Black,Whips

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Strict Leather 3 Foot Snakewhip 12 Plait - Black AD267-Black

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Elegantly braided and carefully crafted for the finest in sensual pleasure, this 48 inch long whip has been fashioned for quality and longevity. The braided leather tapers down into a thin wisp of a tail that delivers a sting to exposed flesh with each flick of your wrist. Made to last, this whip is designed to become softer and more pliable with use, breaking in as you break the will of your subject. The handle flows into the body of the whip, with just a circular knob at the base to ensure a steady grip, leaving the entire length to be utilized for passion, pain, and pleasure. The whip is a 12 plait snake whip.

Measurements: 48 inches in total length, 0.75 inches wide at widest point, handle measures 1.5 inches in diameter

Material: Leather

Color: Black

High quality leather, Deliver a painful sting, Braided loop handle